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teacups, spoons, and teapot chandelier

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Tea Time


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Idea: Tea Time Chandelier from Anthropologie

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Spoons for cabinet handles.

Vila do Artesãofrom Vila do Artesão

Trocando a função dos objetos na decoração

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Beautiful DIY Tea Candle Whisk Latern inspired by The Hundred-Foot Journey Movie Party


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No matter how many times I see this I am still in love with the idea!

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pretty bird afternoon tea set

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Colander lamp....might also make an interesting wind chime? Maybe with a smaller colander?

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Unique Chandeliers Chandelier. If I ever end up having a breakfast nook and a dining room this is going in the nook. How quaint!

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diy vintage flashlight light fixture my grandpa would have loved this idea

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Great lamp shade

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Tea Time

This is a great idea! We might have to give this a go soon. Vintage China Tea Cup Multi Light, via Etsy.

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Tea time!



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cup & saucer light #DIY





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Nicely arranged collection of teapots. The green shelving really makes the colors pop. #teapots #collectibles #display

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Barbed wire chandelier

Anthropologiefrom Anthropologie

One-Lump-Or-Two Base

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I think I could probably make this teacup lamp.


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