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  • Linda Edmonds Cerullo

    Depiction -- top of the Ark of the Covenant -- angels with wings touching

  • IZaBeLLa

    Angels "Cherubim" to the Arc of the Covenant

  • Kabbalah Em Português

    A Arca da Aliança é chamada de Aron Kodesh. É um armário bem acabado onde são mantidas as tábuas com os Dez Mandamentos... Essa não é realmente uma descrição de alguns objetos físicos, mas de forças e propriedades espirituais. A sabedoria da Cabalá só fala do desejo, a única matéria existente na natureza. A Arca, ou Aron Kodesh, simboliza os desejos corrigidos da pessoa.

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Another one with the draped braids like like to do. I'm really interesting on what's going on in with the loose hair too the side too. Maybe a really loose braid on curly hair, but the braid seems to start above the circlet. I need to get some more angles.

The richest man is not he who has the most, but he who needs the least....

European Architecture includes Angels overseeing ♒

--> Great tool for light-workers and conscious awareness.. There are still a few $13 T-Shirts With The Flower of Life Click on the picture

soldiers on the moon. I don't understand this, but I like it anyway!

Christ is the ... Door - John10:9 Basin - John13:8 Bread of the Presence - John6:35 Lampstand - John8:12 Altar of the Incense - Heb7:25 Veil - Heb10:20 Mercy Seat - Rom3:25-26 Tabernacle - John1:14 Rose Publishing

Gauguin's Hand...Photographed by Julien Leclercq, who was interested in palmistry.

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