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  • Kasia Kućko

    1980s film alphabet. A - Airplane B - Back to the Future C - Coming to America D - Dirty Dancing E - E.T. F - Flight of the Navigator G - Ghost Busters H - Honey I Shrunk the Kids I - Indiana Jones J - Jumpin’ Jack Flash K - Karate Kid L - Labyrinth M - Mannequin N - Nightmare on Elm Street O - Octopussy P - Princess Bride Q - Q, The Winged Serpent R - Rambo S - Short Circuit T - Teen Wolf U - Untouchable V - Vice Versa W - Weird Science X - Xanadu Y - Young Blood Z - Zelig

  • Jessica Madden

    1980s Film Alphabet Poster: Bring some '80s movie trivia into your life with these lovingly designed and perfectly puzzling film posters

  • Star Editions Ltd

    #Film #FilmAlphabet #Movie #1980's #WildishDesigns #StephenWildish #Design #Creative #Art

  • Nicole Fellers

    ‘Film Alphabet’, Posters That Quiz Your 1980s Movie Knowledge -

  • Melisa M
    Melisa M • 2 years ago

    A-? B-Breakfast Club? C-Coming to America D-DirtyDancing E-E.T F-Flight of the Navigator G-Ghostbusters H-Honey I Shrunk the Kids I-Indiana Jones J-Jumping Jack Flash K-Karate Kid L-Labrynth M-? N-Nightmare on Elm Street O-Octopussy P-? Q-? R-Rambo S-Short Circuit T-Teen Wolf U-? V-? W-? X-? Y-? Z-? If anyone sees this and knows the ones I cannot figure out- help me, thanks

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yeah so out of the many 80s movies I HAVE seen...this is not one of them...well and apparently I have to change that...'cause apparently it's just really good.

80's movies.............. media-cache2.pint... eyowyn things i miss

John Hughes movies - Pretty much flawless :) ...So I love John Hughes movies along with tons of other 80's films. And while I did see them when I was younger, I didn't really start to appreciate them until I was older...around jr. high or so. This goes pretty much for any teenaged, angsty, or more mature themed films in the 80's.

The Neverending Story, by Michael Ende (I wish it actually came in a binding like this).

Adventures in Babysitting (1987) - C'mon! Vincent D'Onofrio as Thor! This movie ROCKS!

80s classic Stand by me.

These were the soundtracks to your life: | 50 Things Only '80s Kids Can Understand. I loved all these. What great memories!!

80's jumper...had one with a wild black and white print! I also had one in teal! My step-mom thought is way too wild!