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  • Dean Wright

    We need obesity week not shark week for the so few deaths a yeah... Maybe through in a vending machine episode in the middle.

  • Rachel Butterfield

    MISC. I'm pinning this for the fact that apparently vending machines kill people? What?

  • Kim P

    sharks: less deadly than roller coasters, vending machines, high school football, ants, dogs, jellyfish, tornadoes, hot dogs, icicles, deer, bathtubs, bed, black friday, autoerotic asphyxiation, volcanoes, airplanes, hippos, texting, lightning, or obesity.

  • Jasmine Thiede

    I'm putting this here to remind myself of this and to convince myself to go on more roller coasters because they kill less people annually than vending machines.

  • Natasha Stoodley

    Not actually funny, but definitely perspective altering. It fails to include the ocean. How many people does the ocean kill annually? Yes, that's fairly generic, like saying, "how often does the weather kill people annually?" But I wonder...

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