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~Art by~ Kaname Ozuma


melaniedelon:The little mermaid


Bioluminescent Mermaid * Mermaid Myth Mythical Mystical Legend Mermaids Siren Fantasy Ocean Sea Enchantment Sirens Meerjungfrau sirène sirena Русалка pannu havfrue zeemeermin merenneito syrenka sereia sjöjungfrun sellő

The Mermaid by Howard Pyle, 1919.



Gold. I know this is a t shirt, but.. I really would like to learn how to use gold foil in art


Hey ya'll im really sorry its taken sooo long ugh school I was too busy to actually write anything :( but I'll write some more tonight and ill put up a few snap shots as well tonight. I loved all y'alls comments! :D

✿ Mermaid ✿

'Sirene' - Rolling in the deep

illustration by russian artist nadezhda illarionova, via raebyrd tumblr #art #illustration #nadezhdaillarionova #mermaid

coney island mermaid


Haruchonns by Victor Nizovtsev

Sailors and Mermaids

Little Mermaid Watercolor Art. This art illustration is a composition of digital watercolor images and silhouettes in a minimalist style.

Mermaid by SK_Tneh -beautiful art!. Although I have spent most of my working life in education teaching with a strong emphasis on history, my other love is art, unfortunately I posses no aptitude for art fortunately these artists do! - look, enjoy and learn! Linda ( Educational director of ).