Well 'ello handsome...

Well, hello!

Well put together


well, i'll be.


Tweed suit

Well, hello there Mr. Levy

John Hamm. Handsome devil.

Well hot damn, Joe!

The well dressed crew team.

Truffol.com | Style advice: Try pairing a chambray shirt with an olive green jacket. This look would work with blue jeans instead of these pants too. #styleadvice #urbanman #casual #style

Love how fitted this is! Perfect!

#GQ Suit Guide: "We've seen plenty of guys who've bought the right suit and let it hang off them like an NBA rookie on draft night. And we've seen men in cheap but well-tailored suits who look like a million bucks. The thing's got to fit right, or else there's no point in wearing it."

ryan renolds

Sexy in blue. Ewan = sexiest man in a suit

Matthew Bomer. His hot factor multiplies when he puts on glasses! White Collar

James Marsden

Neil Caffrey - 3 piece, pinstripe suit.

Simply, a great suit. #RackUpTheJoy

Paul Walker