Desk Fairy! Attach a star to a pixie stick.. this is the desk fairy's "wand" -- when the students leave the room, you check each desk... the cleanest desk is awarded the pixie stick and this cute little saying!!

'Desk Fairy' had made an impromptu visit while all of the class was off at the library together.

Desk Police... Have a few students in mind who need to be ticketed haha

STOP- "Please stop what you are doing and make a better choice" behavior reminders to place on student desks when needed. Includes a link to print these out.

Free printables to make your own classroom set of focus sticks. Students use focus sticks to develop and assess their own writing. Free corresponding classroom poster set.

encouragement for cleanliness! better than the "clean desk award" i have used?

They wrote their hopes and dreams in balloons and attached a picture of themselves soaring with them.

Clean Desk Notes - leave with a treat

Idea adapted to a classroom: "every time a student catches someone doing something kind, they put the kind person's name on a piece of paper ALONG WITH the act of kindness. Then they SIGN the paper with their name and put it the jar. Once a week, the teacher draws a name from the jar and both kids get a treat"

Creating a Teaching Portfolio And other job search tips.. Search On The Hunt for a Teaching Job,

Absent Student Folders - perfect classroom job!

I put a box like this on my desk last year and it was ALWAYS full of notes, stories and drawings from my kids. If they began to tell a story during a lesson I'd say "oh! box!" This way I heard the story AND kept the lesson going

I need this on my desk!

I love the desk arrangement in this classroom. Open group concept. Student desks are in groups, but all face the smart/white/chalk board.

The BEST desk arrangement I've ever seen.

Love this! Front folders for unfinished work instead of inside desks where sometimes the work disappears into black holes. - or on the sides if they sit at tables!

A favorite desk arrangement, no one's back is to the board, there are easy paths for movement, and kids who need reduced distractions can sit in the front.

They have to leave it on their desk for when they come back.

activity sticks (things to do when kids are restless)

Classroom layout ideas