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  • David Basler

    Possibly the best sports photo I've seen in quite a while. Every face tells a story—excitement, fear, laziness, shock, amazement—the detail on (literally) everyone's face is priceless.

  • Maureen Curran

    If a picture tells a thousand words, as the old cliche goes, then this amazing sports shot is good for at least a million. Good story starter for writing! Seriously, every single face here tells a story. Stories of dreams. Stories of fears. Stories of courage under fire, and panic under duress. In short, the stories of men and women drilled down to their true essences, finding out who they really are in the split second it takes for a rock-hard baseball to come hurtling from the heavens down

  • Linnie

    Game faces Fans react as a first inning foul ball heads their way. The Boston Red Sox hosted the Baltimore Orioles in an MLB regular season game at Fenway Park, on Aug. 28.

  • Marin Parker

    Funny picture

  • Catherine Joseph

    perfectly timed photos

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