5 Top Tips for First Time Managers

by Brittany Thomas
Have you ever been overly micro-managed by your boss? Or had a hands-off boss that gave you so much freedom that you desperately craved structure and direction? Chances are if you have had a bad boss you have thought, “I will never do that when I am in their shoes.” You would never repeat their m...
  • Debt Roundup

    5 Top Tips For First Time Managers | Levo League | additional tip: Don't wear shorts this short to the office Career, Career Advice, Career Tips #career

  • Ibiza

    Business Management 101: I love tip #2 - Seek Training and Mentorship. This is HUGE for success in business.

  • Lee Street

    5 Top Tips for First Time Managers (tip 1: don't wear shorts to the office unless you work for Vogue or something)

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