2014 Primary Talks - are you kidding me? Short theme appropriate talks for each week for the kids who are unprepared. I'm totally printing this out and sticking it in the binder.

2012 Primary theme talks for each month

2012 Primary Talks. Great to have on hand for those weeks when we remember Sunday morning that they have the assignment.

conference-packet. (Mostly for Sr. primary)

8 easy steps to helping kids write their own primary talk or lesson

Worksheet for helping your kids write a Primary talk by A Year of FHE.

Free LDS Primary Talks. I don't want to lose this link!



This site is amazing!!!! I love everything that she does... So cute! Tons of FREE printables for FHE, primary talks, Conference quotes, and etc. (Lehi's Dream of the Tree of Life Free Printable)

primary talks

LDS Baptismal Covenant List...fhe once a month up to baptism...talking about each of these covenants and how to keep those covenants...spend two months on each of these covenants.

Sunday can be a tricky day with little kids! Here are some ideas on how to make it feel like a day that's different from the rest of the week while making it fun for kids at the same time! Reverent, but still fun.

Arranged by Cheri for primary class by melonheadz

great Primary website full of ideas

Strengthen Families, Strengthen Society FHE Lesson LDS. What a great lesson for kids on how to be a strong family member and to love one another

How to Pray by President Uchtdorf

Holy Ghost Baptism Talk, I saw a primary girl give this talk last week, such a great visual!

2012 Primary General Conference Packet

October Week 1, 2, and or 3: I Want to Be a Missionary Now!...Have child choose what ideas they like highlight them work on them all month and place incentive sticker on each one completed. Earn a missionary badge and a special photo to add to their scripture flip chart.