Thanks for sending this my way, Piggy!!! shoe storage - SMART !

Shoe storage ideas

DIY shoe rack using curtain rods. an inexpensive way to organize shoes, and maximize space

this is the best shoe storage idea ever

50 Genius Storage Ideas (all very cheap and easy!) Great for organizing and small houses. Love these ideas especially: Wine rack in bathroom for towels File folder "box" in bathroom for hairdryer, flatiron Shoe organizer cut to fuze for lotions, etc inside cabinet door Ice cube trays for earrings Small baskets in bathroom drawers

There are so many great ideas in this link that it just didnt make sense to post them all, so click here to see all of them for yourself! ..... Meticulous Organizing Tips For The OCD Person In You

Good idea.

Between Washer & Dryer LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!

Orchard Rack, 9 Drawer - Item #38-524 $179.00 (I'm sure I could make something for much less!)

How Do It - IKEA shoe drawers…. A must have… 27 pair of shoes… awesome

perfect shoe storage.

Think you don't have enough space for shoe storage? Think again...and look at that unused awkwardly-sized wall. #organizing

so smart

Smart & simple laundry storage. Maybe for bathroom sort dirty clothes

Wine Rack = Towel Holder

Tank Tops Organization Tip (why didn't I think of this)

Garage storage idea.

shoe organization!