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Poster for the 1923 Bauhaus Exhibition in Weimar, lithograph, author: Joost Schmidt, Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin.

Arte Popular

Arte Popular – La escalera de la Bauhaus, la maravillosa tierra de nadie

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Infographic: The Bauhaus Movement and the School that Started it All

Infographic: The Bauhaus Movement and the School that Started it All

Created by furniture store Aram, this infographic charts the fascinating history of the Bauhaus - Germany's famous design school, from its founding by Walter Gropius to its influence on the furniture of IKEA

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Of course we can't put a gif in our actual yearbook but i liked how this pointed out and distinguished the actual layers of the person.

Fritz Schleifer - Cartaz para a exposição da Bauhaus em Weimar, 1923

Bauhaus Events: Bauhaus exhibition poster designed by Frtiz Schleifer in The symbol of the Bauhaus, a head of geometric elements was designed by Oskar Schlemmer.

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The manifesto of the Bauhaus Movement is what my group mate and I tried to reproduce on the background for the photoshoot in order to have a visual reference to such time period.