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Astrid, Walter, Peter, Olivia, Broyles, Nina Sharp

One Fringe still per episode | 1.12 The No-Brainer

Olivia & Peter #Fringe. I could look at him, listen to him speak, all day long.

Astrid & Walter and the continuing name mangling LOL

...and THIS is why Walter Bishop is our favorite! :) #FRINGE

Fringe's Agent Astrid Farnsworth (Jasika Nicole) & lab cow Jean mt-blogs-redesign...

Walter Bishop (John Noble) of Fringe is possibly my most favorite TV character of all time. A brilliant scientist, missing parts of his brain per his own request, a heart of gold, loves his son so much he would cross over universes to save "Parallel Peter", and won't ever miss out on a chance to drop some acid or burn a fatty, all for the good and the glory of science :)

Peter, Gene, Walter and the cow. The cow is priceless