The Hand Writing Fairy! Great for motivation!

Queen of clean desk fairy

Tonya's Treats for Teachers: How I use the Super Improvers Wall:)


It's the Handwriting Fairy! - Reinforce good handwriting by letting them write with fancy pencils!

Cut out the letters of words that spell out a prize for good behavior. Flip them over and hang them up in your classroom. Every time your students get caught having good behavior, they get to flip a letter over. Once all the letters have been flipped, they earn the 'prize' that has been spelled out. Ideas for prizes include: extra recess, quiet free time, popsicle party, movie and popcorn, etc.

Tips For Student Spaces The Desk Fairy Will Love!

What the Teacher Wants!: Common Core Data Checklists! They have grades K, 1 and 5 posted now - I'm staying tuned for when they put out 3rd grade!

desk fairy

Desk Bag

tooth fairy writing

fairy tales

pixie stix balloons to give students at end of school year - FREEBIE with 6 options to print

"The Desk Fairy" Sign

Letting feet stay busy..... students can push on the band while sitting in their chair. This will help the child who needs constant movement. (We used these with a couple of our boys last year, really helped)

FREE - 24 pages - Black lines for lined handwriting paper, story paper, comic strip paper, graph paper, music paper, grid paper, name tags, math answer pa...

Mrs. Beattie's Classroom: A Celebrity, a Time Warp, and a Neat Idea!

Neat point of view activity: Students draw their character in the window and write about an event as that character would see it.

For teaching time

LOVE this! Students are given an answer, THEY write the question!