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A peahen [ the Queen with her feather crown ] with her chicks [ Princesses and Princes ]. I sea a version of The Princess and the Pea~??? :o]

This is the first picture I have ever seen of baby peacocks and they are so cute!

White peacock by David Calvin

Peahen from India (female version of a peacock)

Araucana / Americana...I love this the chicks are so cute their markings remind me of a chipmunk...

Peacock walking down the lane "Here I am, formally dressed, and I'm expected to WALK to the ball?"

Pretty peacock of many colors - green with blue head and neck, cobalt collar, brown and tan back stripe, then brown and then white with orange uncer collar, green mottled stripe, then brown - isn't nature gorgeous?

King Peacock. Stunning visual treat that invites you to get lost in color. They are so amazing and calming.

I want a real peacock! :) it can hang out with my goat and lambs in the barn!