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Young Borneo Pygmy Elephant (by Daniel Trim on Flickr)

Ross Couper Photography "Goals in life may seem far, however it depends on how you approach them. This young elephant calf was deserted and adopted by another female elephant. They were not with a herd, as the calf was unable to walk for long distances due to what appeared to be poor development in its back legs. With limited walking abilities the calf maintained its goal of survival and continued to follow the adopted mother."

African elephants are the elephants of the genus Loxodonta, consisting of two extant species: the African bush elephant and the smaller African forest elephant. Loxodonta is one of the two existing genera in the family Elephantidae.

Big Lady. Beautiful, Beautiful Elephant. Create awareness and stop using palm oil that is the only habitat the Elephant has left.

I am so in love! I almost can't look!

Baby elephant ♥ | We need to give them back their future. When you like, follow or share IvoryForElephants... on FB, Twitter, Instagram we gain media $$$. #ivoryforelephants

Elephant Bottom. Taken from ad for a zoo in Zurich, Switzerland - Imgur

mommy and baby. thats so cute its like mother and son. dogs are the most cutest thing im a doglover. like if ur a doglover

Yes, this is precious. Would I have tackled that dog in frame three? You bet!

swan mom, #cute, #animal - swim Mom...we want to see the other side of the lake.... Aren't they just adorable.

AAAAWWWW...What a beautiful the tongue...:)