Aurora Borealis. On my bucket list.

Eclipse from 35,000 feet

Alaska - Northern Lights

Svolvaer, Norway. #WesternUnion

~~Appearance ~ aurora borealis, Norway by Dionys Moser~~

Tasmania, Australia, Aurora Australis

Striped Iceberg - beautiful! #nature

aurora borealis - Wow!

Aurora Borealis

Night Sky

Perseid Meteor Shower

our amazing world

I think I've decided that seeing the Aurora Borealis with my own eyes has to be on my bucket list. How Beautiful. Aurora Borealis by Tennevik River in Troms, Norway | by Arild Heitmann Photography, via Flickr

sunset at the north pole

Aurora Borealis

✯ Clouds

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Super Moon: June 23 2013 absolutely beautiful

Aurora Borealis


A supernova-like burst of mostly purple auroras lights up Finnish countryside in a wide-angle sky shot.