Read This Before Painting Anything!!!! How To Paint Over Glossy Furniture Without Sanding! Excellent, Detailed Instructions On Which Primer To Use, Which Paint To Use & Other Important Tips & Instructions!

The Short cut way to repaint kitchen cabinets with no sanding,stripping, or even removing the doors! Plus a lot of cute furniture re-dos.

How to Paint Veneer Furniture Without Sanding ,

This is the absolute best furniture painting tutorial I have read so far.

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Oh how I've needed this tutorial! Now I don't have to create a dusty mess in my kitchen with the sander! How to paint your cabinets without sanding them. I love you Rustoleum.

How to paint furniture with no brush strokes! Genius!

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How to paint any basket to look like an antique find.

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Peeling laminate off cabinets and painting underneath.

How to Get a Smooth Finish When Painting Furniture Use a Paint Sprayer or Spray Paint key is to make sure the piece is smooth after the first coat. Sand with 320 or 400 grit sandpaper. After the 1st coat, sand with the fine grit sand paper. 600 grit is considered a matte finish, 1200 satin and 1500 high gloss.

Chalk paint acts a little bit different than latex paint does, in my experience. Here are a few tips I've learned about using chalk paint with a paint brush: View the slideshow below to read more:

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FANTASTIC resource of 400 DIY paint projects!

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Sand very well, Good primer, 4 coats of paint, 4 coats of top coat for practically indestructible table top.