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Funny pictures about Phoebe Was A Master Of Pick-Up Lines. Oh, and cool pics about Phoebe Was A Master Of Pick-Up Lines. Also, Phoebe Was A Master Of Pick-Up Lines photos.

Doctor Ross

Doctor Ross Gellar gets totally burned by Rachel Green in a hospital.

I went to that tanning place your wife suggested...

Your wife suggested me..

it truly is the most glorious!!!

Googled "the most glorious gif of all time", was not disappointed.

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Pet peeves of graphic designers

my faaaavorite scene ever! Joey trying to learn french lol "Je de floop flee!

I love Friends - especially this episode! :)

Omg I LOVE this episode! and only because TOW Joey Speaks French is, well. the one where Joey speaks French xD

The One on the Last Night

Rachel moves out, chandler moves in. So rude from Rachel because Chandler is her friend

Oh, Chandler...#FRIENDS

Oh, Chandler...

Let's see 60 Internet's most favorite funny knock - knock jokes and even add your favorite ones to the list!

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Funny pictures about Joey's logic. Oh, and cool pics about Joey's logic. Also, Joey's logic.