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  • Leanna Belew

    Conditions improved with earthing The key factor that seems to be linked with earthing is the reduction of inflammation. Since there are over 80 chronic diseases associated with inflammation, including cancer and type 2 diabetes, earthing could be one of the greatest "rediscoveries" of our time. Studies have indicated several benefits to your health while earthing, including: • Improved sleep • Decreased pain and inflammation • Enhanced immune system

  • Cassie Walker

    Go outside. Walk barefoot. Enjoy nature. Barefoot Walking: Is There Anything To "Earthing"?

  • Teresa Rogers

    MercyMe Won't You Be My Love - Fisher of Men

  • Jessica Ellingson

    How to: Barefoot Running

  • Marie Hammond

    Home Remedies for Cracked Heels Banana mask

  • Wake Up World

    The Earth’s Surface May Serve as a Giant Source of Antioxidants in the Form of Free Electrons. - People have become familiar with the health benefits of antioxidants, in the form of different foods. However, recent studies suggest that walking barefoot on the Earth can be just as beneficial.

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