Plantar Fasciitis: What it is and how to get rid of it on your own

Towel Stretch for Plantar Fasciitis || Plantar fasciitis can be made worse with constant stress on the feet. Unfortunately, you do not have time to sit around, waiting for your pain to disappear. This is why it is so important to treat your plantar fasciitis every day. Maximize your success with these highly effective treatments, morning and evening, while wearing KURU plantar fasciitis shoes throughout the day.

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The right kind of self treatment can help you knock out Plantar Fasciitis, a common and annoying injury.

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Kinesio taping tutorials for common running issues (plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, patellar tendonitis, shin splints, and ankle sprains). Videos on how to do each type of taping.

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