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BREAKING BAD ACTION FIGURES - Walter STORE The new episodes are just so freaking awesome, i couldn’t resist to do something again about this show. Having some cool ideas coming to mind for a Jesse.

Breaking Bad by Mike Wrobel *

Illustrator Behind the '90s Game of Thrones Art Takes on Breaking Bad

Walt (Heisenberg Edition)

Breaking Bad fan and graphic artist Tracy Tubera recently created a series of illustrations inspired by Walter White entitled "WALT". The original print that Tracy created, which has been dubbed the "BLUE CRYSTAL EDITION", has already sold out.

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bridesmaids I live my life fashionably late Breaking Bad retro ghostbuster posters . i love this movie, still.

Thanks @Kym Bergren!  My faaaaaaaaaaaavorite person/character everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

fuckyeahmovieposters: “ Breaking Bad by Terence Shek ” Strong yellow tie.

We have rounded up some rare behind-the-scenes photos of the Breaking Bad cast.

For such a dark and brutal show, the behind the scenes shots are always either hillarious or cuddly. On an unrelated note, Bryan as a cockroach is now officially my favorite picture ever.

More like baking bad, amiright?

13 Epic Gingerbread Houses Inspired By Your Favorite Movie And TV Shows

Breaking Bad - not sure I agree with the order but the list looks pretty comprehensive

The Worst of Walter White - They forgot to list his worst offense, them tightie whities

My Breaking Bad acrylic painting. It took far too long, I hope you like it. - Imgur  #BreakingBad on Acrylic

My Breaking Bad acrylic painting. It took far too long, I hope you like it.

Desolación fotografiada con belleza | Yorokobu

Desolación fotografiada con belleza

Breaking Bad - Bryan Cranston as Walter White & Anna Gunn as Skyler White