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END ‘Knit Wavy Seam Syndrome’…

I am often asked about knits, and the infamous ‘Wavy Seam Syndrome’. Up until recently, my advice hasn’t been all that fantastic. Let’s see, there is sewing with a ball point needle. Sew using your serger (if you have one), or a zig zag stitch. If you must do a straight stitch, always sew on a long ...
  • Liz Olszewski

    Pinner: Me Sew Crazy: END 'Knit Wavy Seam Syndrome'... What?! This is the greatest sewing tip ever!!! I always avoided knits like the plague because of WSS.

  • Dena Anderson

    How to End Wavy Knit Seam Syndrome -You use Tissue Paper (you know the paper we use in gift bags :) place it under the knit fabric & it will give it the stability it needs to sew smoothly :) Who knew? Great site: 10 sewing tips that changed my life

  • Anastasia Voll

    Me Sew Crazy: END 'Knit Wavy Seam Syndrome'... Regular ole tissue paper under fabric as a stabilizer

  • Brianne Stephens

    Me Sew Crazy: END 'Knit Wavy Seam Syndrome'...Use tissue paper when sewing knits.

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