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We should trust our health to our government. The world needs more IRS agents an fewer doctors. IRS agents are so compassionate and healing....

I don't understand...

Look into the eyes of crazy there.....see anything familiar? Barry gets that same crazed look in his black, soulless eyes!

The truth about Obamacare Medicare/Medicaid Dr.s (specialists) are getting notices their service is NO LONGER NEEDED. Where will older people go?

Obamacare... Why is it good enuf for me if it is not good enuf for you?

Obamacare... Thanks for making all my husbands years in school to be a physician worth nothing!

Government healthcare. Scares the crap out of me and what it will do to business.

WHAT: Social Darwinism means making it on your own, with no government help. Obamacare is the opposite of what Herbert Spencer would have wanted for society.

Here's What Obamacare Actually Does For You. By The Other 98.

OBAMAcare one-full-term-too-many