The BBC version with Jonas Armstrong of course!

BBC Robin Hood - This show. My heart. I can't even. You've just gotta watch it. Unless you want to stay emotionally stable. Then don't watch it.

This part gave me chills :) -pinner Yes! :D


Alan, Robin, Much and Robin, Sir Guy, Marian, the Sheriff, Robin, and Marian from the BBC Robin Hood. I actually don't really like Robin. :P And the Sheriff honestly doesn't have to be on there.

@ Madison Oetjen...just don't even ask about this picture, you have to wait

Because I am never calm when I'm watching Robin Hood...

Robin Hood

Much, BBC Robin Hood

BBC's Robin Hood'd think the bad guys would learn that Robin Hood is immune to actual death...near death experiences, no; but death, yes. XD

We are Robin Hood! BBC Robin Hood :D awesome show and totally underrated

Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood- BBC

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Robin Hood BBC

Robin Hood BBC. My feels get confused sometimes... But in the end, Marian is supposed to be with Robin.

BBC Robin Hood