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  • Karen Olshaski

    How to Repaint an Enamel Kitchen Sink

  • Alicia Liebert

    If only the germs would just disappear. keep that kitchen clean

  • Ellen Hodgkin

    Cleaning the Soap Pot - How to Clean Up After Soap Making - How to Clean the Soap Pot

  • Crystal Zachary

    After you've finished making your soap, you have to deal with the cleanup. Here's now to safely clean up after soapmaking.

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good recipe for making lavender rosemary soap( lavendaer buds wont stay a nice purple color they do turn brown

bath alchemy - Soap making blog full of recipes. One of these days I will learn to make soap and it will be amazing.

Can't wait to try this homemade soap!! I want to do the oatmeal & honey one. Have been waiting for a website like this!

Cold Process Soap Making Recipes

How to make cold-process handmade vegetable soaps. Recipes for Lemon grass Ginger Coffee Kitchen Soap, Rosemary Spearmint Energizing Shower Soap, and Orange Vanilla Cinnamon Soap.

Cold Process Soap Making for Beginners! Includes an oil chart explaining benefits and characteristics of different oils.

Cold Process - Alternative oils for Palm Oil are listed under "Love That Creamy Lather." (Reasons why some soap makers are no longer using Palm Oil can be read here: - Deb)