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statue of Johannes Gutenberg, in Frankfurt, inventor of book printing ...

Tradecard - Johannes Gutenberg Cibils Beef Extract "Inventors & Their Inventions" issued in 1900.Johannes Gutenberg ~ The Printing Press

Gutenberg Printing Press - the Gutenberg museum in Mainz was the first museum I visited as a kid - made a big impression (no pun intended) on me!

The Canadian Pacific Railroad commissioned three statues, called "Winged Angel", from Montreal Sculptor Coeur de Lion MacCarthy, to commemorate the 1,116 employees it lost in WWI. Statues were unveiled in 1922 in Winnipeg, Montréal and Vancouver.

Copy of a Greek bronze statue of ca. 450–425 B.C. In Greek art, the Amazons, a mythical race of warrior women from Asia Minor, were often depicted battling such heroes as Herakles, Achilles, and Theseus. This statue represents a refugee from battle who has lost her weapons and bleeds from a wound under her right breast.

Very interesting sculpture. "Der Buchhändler" [The Book Seller, literally: "somebody who handles books"] on the Ludwig-Metzger-Platz in Darmstadt, Germany. Sculpture by Michael Schwarze, photograph by Neil Gallop.

This is a Picasso statue in between two buildings. From this angle it doesn't look like much but when you stand in front of it it looks like a giant baboon

'Spiral of Life' - photo by Gordon -C-, via Flickr; Statue by Andy Scott; This almost 10' tall figure stands at the entrance to the West of Scotland Science Park, Glasgow, Scotland