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    • Eileen McHenry

      The Evangelista Family Murder Case -- 6 members of this Detroit family were killed with an axe. No solution has been forthcoming; case still open.

    • Karen Smith

      THE CHISELER • FAITH HEALER LEFT HEADLESS: A True Crime Tale by Jim Linderman

    • Erica Magdon

      The Benny Evangelista Murder Case -The family was hacked to pieces with an axe.The father's head was left on a chair in the family room.

    • Unicorns&Rainbows

      The Benny Evangelista Murder Case - Benny was Benjamino Evangelista, a Neapolitan immigrant who claimed to be an herb doctor and faith healer. In other words, a criminal and fraud using religious superstition and jargon to steal.on a July 4th weekend, not far from where Harris killed Smith, Paul “Benny” Evangelista, known as a “Divine Prophet” was murdered along with his wife and four children. With an axe. It`s still unsolved.

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    Laura Ingalls Wilder, her husband Almanzo and their dog Nero at Rocky Ridge Farm in Mansfield, Missouri, in the early 1930s, when Laura was writing the Little House books.

    Genie is one of the closest cases to investigate "the Forbidden Experiment." Genie is the pseudonym for a feral child who spent the first thirteen years of her life locked inside a bedroom strapped to a chair. She was a victim of one of the most severe cases of social isolation ever documented. Genie was discovered by Los Angeles authorities on November 4, 1970. After, she was never able to grasp language or the concept of grammar, generating evidence for the 'critical period' theory.

    Sarah Rector--By the age of 10, she became the richest Black child in America. She received a land grant from the Creek Nation as part of reparations. Soon after, oil was discovered on her property. By 1912, the revenue from this oil was $371,000 per year (roughly $6.5 million today). Despite various attempts to steal her land and fortune, Sarah resisted. She went on to attend Tuskegee University and eventually settled in Kansas City, Missouri where her mansion still stands.

    Picture of Andrew Helgelein's remains. He was the last victim of female serial killer Belle Gunness.

    Major Martin was a homeless man, who died of pneumonia and was then used as a weapon of deceit by the British in Operation Mincemeat. The body was disguised as a dead Royal Marines Officer and left to be found in the sea off the Spanish coast, with a briefcase full of top secret files chained to his wrist. It worked and fooled the Germans saving countless British lives


    The Table, “Created by Efisio Marini - This table is formed of petrified brain, blood, bile, liver, lungs and glands on which sits a foot, four ears and cut vertebrae which are also petrified.” taken @ Musée d’Histoire de la Médecine, Paris

    What you're looking at is a mummified bison from the Ice Age. It was frozen in solid soil and uncovered by gold miners who were artificially thawing out the surrounding Earth in 1979. There are claw and tooth marks in the mummy that have allowed scientists to finger the bison's killer: An American lion.

    As the wife of the ruler of Dai, Xin Zhui led a life of luxury 2,000 years ago in China. When that life ended at the age of 50, she was wrapped in 20 layers of fine silk, submerged in an “elixir of immortality,” encased in four coffins, surrounded by five tons of charcoal, and entombed fifty feet underground. The body of the “Lady of Dai” has been declared the best-preserved mummy ever seen, with blood that is still liquefied, organs that are still intact, and limbs that are still flexible.

    Princess Nsikhonsu of Egypt, 21st dynasty. A Royal married to a High Priest, but buried with hair in a peasant style, with flowers twined around her ankles and feet...

    First Lady Grace Coolidge and Rebecca the raccoon. In 1923, President Calvin Coolidge received a raccoon from the town of Peru, Mississippi. Meant to be eaten as part of the White House Thanksgiving feast, the president and his wife, Grace, took a liking to the animal and decided to keep it as a pet. Coolidge named the raccoon Rebecca and was often seen sitting in the Oval Office with his unusual pet draped around his neck.

    Neanderthal Woman's Genome Reveals Unknown Human Lineage "By comparing modern human, Neanderthal and Denisovan genomes, the researchers identified more than 31,000 genetic changes that distinguish modern humans from Neanderthals and Denisovans. These changes may be linked with the survival and success of modern humans — a number have to do with brain development."

    Man Allegedly Disembowels Girlfriend After She Screams Ex's Name During Sex - BuzzFeed News

    Josephine Baker, an amazing woman, ahead of her time! Dancer, singer, actress, world traveler, activist, WWII spy, and mother of 12 adopted children from all over the world. A beautiful spirit, she embraced all colors, rejected racial segregation and pushed the limits during a time when black women had few options or opportunities.

    Josephine Baker tried to combat racism by adopting 12 children of different ethnicities from around the world. holds in her arms her 10th adopted child, a boy from Venezuela, as another of her adopted children looks on. 1959. age 53 #actor

    Tony Couchman, 45, claimed he was taking care of his granddaughter Rachel, 3, while his daughter Victoria, 19, was getting her life straightened out. However, in October 2008, children found her skull in the woods. More remains were found and it was determined she had been dead for 10 months. Tony Couchman was charged with her murder February 2009 but committed suicide before the trial.

    X-Ray image shows eel in mans stomach. A porn addict who inserted a live eel up his backside had to endure an operation after it got stuck. The man from southern China preformed the bizarre act after seeing it done in a blue movie. But he had to rush himself to a hospital casualty unit telling medics: “Please help me. The eel is moving through my body.” Surgeons finally removed the 20-inch long swamp eel in the early hours of the morning after a lengthy treatment with drugs & medical probes.

    An 8-year-old hyperactive boy was admitted to the hospital after having been found to have elevated blood lead levels. An abdominal radiograph revealed large numbers of small, hyperdense foci in the right lower quadrant. The entire family reported that they regularly ate geese that were killed with lead pellets from a shotgun, and the children reported that they had been eating the pellets as part of a game to make them disappear. A total of 57 lead pellets were recovered from the lumen.

    South Korean Kim Bok-dong, now 90 years old, was taken from her home village at 14, and abused as a ‘comfort woman’ by the Japanese Army. Here she gives a rare insight into her horrific experience and her continued fight for justice.

    FIGURE 13-9 A chronic schizophrenic patient stands in a catatonic position. He maintained this uncomfortable position for hours. (Courtesy of Emil Kraepelin, M.D.)

    A new study suggests that most prehistoric art was probably done by women, because the majority (75%) of handprints found in caves (like this one at Pech Merle, France) have proven to be made by females by digitally measuring the difference in length of the fingers. The ring & index fingers of women are about the same length, whereas the ring fingers of men tend to be longer. Photo by Jean Vertut.

    The Real Django: This is the actual man on which the movie D’Jango is loosely based. His name is Dangerfield Newby, and he was a member of the John Brown party . He joined to save his wife and children, Harriet. Their love story was real, and you all should check out their narrative and love letters.

    Joseph Laroche and Juliette Lafargue were an interracial couple aboard the Titanic. As the ship sank, Joseph took his pregnant wife and children to the deck and managed to get them into a lifeboat. He said, "I’ll get another boat. God be with you. I’ll see you in New York.” Joseph died in the sinking. He was the only victim of African Descent on the Titanic. Son Joseph was born 8 months later.

    The only known photograph of an African American Union soldier with his family. c1863-65.

    Famous photograph of Henry Longabaugh (the Sundance Kid) and the mysterious Etta Place. No one knows where she came from or what happened to her after she left Butch Cassidy and Sundance in Argentina in 1905.