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    • Eileen McHenry

      The Evangelista Family Murder Case -- 6 members of this Detroit family were killed with an axe. No solution has been forthcoming; case still open.

    • Karen Smith

      THE CHISELER • FAITH HEALER LEFT HEADLESS: A True Crime Tale by Jim Linderman

    • Erica Magdon

      The Benny Evangelista Murder Case -The family was hacked to pieces with an axe.The father's head was left on a chair in the family room.

    • Unicorns&Rainbows

      The Benny Evangelista Murder Case - Benny was Benjamino Evangelista, a Neapolitan immigrant who claimed to be an herb doctor and faith healer. In other words, a criminal and fraud using religious superstition and jargon to steal.on a July 4th weekend, not far from where Harris killed Smith, Paul “Benny” Evangelista, known as a “Divine Prophet” was murdered along with his wife and four children. With an axe. It`s still unsolved.

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    South Korean Kim Bok-dong, now 90 years old, was taken from her home village at 14, and abused as a ‘comfort woman’ by the Japanese Army. Here she gives a rare insight into her horrific experience and her continued fight for justice.

    FIGURE 13-9 A chronic schizophrenic patient stands in a catatonic position. He maintained this uncomfortable position for hours. (Courtesy of Emil Kraepelin, M.D.)

    A new study suggests that most prehistoric art was probably done by women, because the majority (75%) of handprints found in caves (like this one at Pech Merle, France) have proven to be made by females by digitally measuring the difference in length of the fingers. The ring & index fingers of women are about the same length, whereas the ring fingers of men tend to be longer. Photo by Jean Vertut.

    The Real Django: This is the actual man on which the movie D’Jango is loosely based. His name is Dangerfield Newby, and he was a member of the John Brown party . He joined to save his wife and children, Harriet. Their love story was real, and you all should check out their narrative and love letters.

    Joseph Laroche and Juliette Lafargue were an interracial couple aboard the Titanic. As the ship sank, Joseph took his pregnant wife and children to the deck and managed to get them into a lifeboat. He said, "I’ll get another boat. God be with you. I’ll see you in New York.” Joseph died in the sinking. He was the only victim of African Descent on the Titanic. Son Joseph was born 8 months later.

    The only known photograph of an African American Union soldier with his family. c1863-65.

    Famous photograph of Henry Longabaugh (the Sundance Kid) and the mysterious Etta Place. No one knows where she came from or what happened to her after she left Butch Cassidy and Sundance in Argentina in 1905.

    You are looking at a stunning photograph of Helen Keller. It was created between 1905 and 1945 by Harris & Ewing. The photograph illustrates Keller, who was an author, activist and lecturer. She was the first deaf and blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.

    "Many Native Americans welcomed African Americans into their villages. Even as slaves many African Americans became part of a family group, and many intermarried with Native Americans. Many later became classified as Black Indians"

    Comanche family with their adopted African American children, early 1900s

    Harriet Tubman, slave, abolitionist, spy and 1st woman to lead an armed expedition during war. Born into slavery, she was beaten, 'hired out' and suffered seizures from being hit by a heavy weight. After escaping, she later made ~19 trips to rescue a total of over 300 slaves, sometimes using the Underground Railroad. Called 'Black Moses', she carried a gun and threatened to shoot any slave who would turn back. She was a Union spy during the Civil War and struggled for women's suffrage.

    There’s A Shack Called ‘The Devil’s Toy Box’ In Louisiana And People Who Go In There Supposedly Lose Their Minds

    Slices of a head.... interesting!!!

    BORN WITH A VEIL/CAUL! From time to time a baby will be delivered in an unbroken amniotic sac (bag of waters) or with some of the amnion (membrane) covering their face. They are said to be born ‘behind the veil’, and are known as Caulbearers. Such children have, for centuries, been both feared and revered.

    Alice Paul went on a hunger strike where she was force fed raw eggs (down her nose) until she vomited blood. She was then put into a sanitorium with the hopes of being declared insane. Her doctor's reply said, “Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity.” Suffrage passed 3 years later.

    Elizabeth Packard was locked up in a state insane asylum in Illinois from 1860 - 1863 for disagreeing with her husband over religion, child rearing, family finances, and the issue of slavery. jury declared her falsely imprisoned, and she was released in 1863. In a series of publications and public speeches, she campaigned for changes to laws and conditions in asylums.

    The Zombie Ward: The chilling story of how 'depressed' women were put to sleep for months in an NHS hospital room - leaving mental scars that remain 40 years on Women with postnatal depression and anorexia passed through Royal Waterloo's infamous Ward 5 They were drugged and subjected to horrendous levels of ECT Unluckiest were taken to the 'Narcosis Room' and put to sleep for weeks

    June & Jennifer Gibbons were born April 11,1963 and grew up in Wales. They became the subject of books as "The Silent Twins" due to their choice to communicate only with each other, in their own language. They wrote brilliant works of fiction but were convicted of arson, and were committed to Broadmoor Hospital for 11 years. Prior to their release in 1993, they informed the CEO that Jennifer would have to die, "to allow June to be free." On that very day, Jennifer died suddenly at aged 29.

    Dementia precox, katatonic type.

    Fascinating article: James Gordon Wolcott, age 15, brutally murdered his parents and sister in Georgetown, TX in 1967, but was found not guilty by reason of insanity. He is now a doctor of psychology and tenured professor at Millikin University in IL. #history #criminology

    Luke Ruehlman, from Cincinnati, Ohio, thought he was once a woman called Pamela Robinson. He said in a past life he lived in Chicago and died leaping from a burning hotel building in 1993.

    Metal boxes, that are about 20 inches in height and are a complete square, five foot by five foot, sunk deep in the surf suddenly began appearing along West Coast beaches in Oregon, Washington State and Northern California beginning Feb. 6. They have no opening, no seam, they can’t be moved; even when yanked by a four-wheel drive truck pulling with heavy chains around them, they are solid and metallic and seem to have this keening wail coming from both the boxes and the atmosphere around them.

    Texas man accused of killing 2 baby sons sent his ex photo of 8-month-old boy hanging from rope


    Mary Ann Cotton She was an English woman convicted of murdering her children and believed to have murdered up to 21 people through arsenic poisoning. She was actually one of the most famous killers of all time. She was arrested when the doctor attended one of her victims had kept samples, and they tested positive for arsenic. She was then charged for his murder.