The Benny Evangelista Murder Case - possibly the weirdest unsolved murder I know...

Elizabeth Short was murdered in April 1947, to this day her murder has still be unsolved.

Few things are more terrifying than when a murder is committed and the murderer is never found. When an entire family is murdered, it takes the crime to a whole new level. This list discusses the most famous unsolved murders of families and couples, and are arguably some of the most gruesome and sh...

A girl holding her dog in a devastated neighborhood in Warsaw, Poland, 5 Sep 1939

Black Dahlia was a nickname given to Elizabeth Short (July 29, 1924 – c. January 15, 1947), an American woman who was the victim of a gruesome and much-publicized murder. Short was found mutilated, her body sliced in half at the waist, on January 15, 1947, in Leimert Park, Los Angeles, California. Short's murder is one of the oldest unsolved murder cases in Los Angeles history.

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'A Powerful Collision' 1910's Unknown Artist (Photo courtesy of the The Metropolitan Museum of Art) Exhibition Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop

Meet civil rights activist Ann Atwater. Meet former KKK Grand Cyclops C.P. Ellis. This is the story of their friendship in their own words.

If you find footprints leading to your rural home, but not away… Don’t go to sleep! This is the true and very disturbing story of one family that did

1909, family without father. All the children but the 4 smallest work in the cotton mill. Each child makes 4.50 a week.

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Comanche family, early 1900s~Within the fabric of American identity is woven a story that has long been invisible—the lives and experiences of people who share African American and Native American ancestry. African and Native peoples came together in the Americas. Over centuries, African Americans and Native Americans created shared histories, communities, families, and ways of life.

Louis Zamperini, reunited with his family in 1945 after spending 2 years in captivity. Here, he is hugging his mother as his sisters watch.

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Selk'nam natives on their way to Europe for being exhibited as animals in zoos. C. 1889

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