• Kathleen Marco

    crazy tattoo art

  • Seals Real Deals

    tongue tattoo red lips

  • Mina Pleho

    Getting a tattoo on your tongue is not as painful as getting a tattoo on many other areas of your body. In fact, tongue tattoos are considered relatively painless. The procedure is essentially the same as with any other tattoo, with the exception that the tattoo artist uses a tool to keep your tongue out and still.

  • LookMyTattoo

    Unique Tongue Tattoo Design: Full Tongue Tattoo Design For Women ~ Cvcaz Tattoo Art Ideas ~ Tattoo Design Inspiration

  • Fashiontrotter / LauretteT

    BODY ART / Tongue tattoo.

  • Tat Starz

    ... #ink #Tattoo #Art #tattoocolor #Tonguetattoo #TatStarz #CoolTattoos #TattooArt

  • Caren Bevill

    cool tattoos | Cool Tongue Tattoos | Tattoo Art Gallery

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this would make a wicked tattoo


too good.

beautiful side piece.love.

this makes me wish i didn't have my tattoos so i could have room for this one



My next tattoo!