Finger waves are a vintage hair style trend that can be done on a variety of hair types. Shorter hair looks beautiful in finger waves, but even thsoe with longer hair can don the.

Цётка (Алаіза Пашкевіч)

Bouffant Hair Thoughts

Pearls, pearls, pearls...1920's

Laura La Plante - Laura La Plante (November 1904 – October was an American actress, best known for her silent film roles. Born as Laura LaPlant, La Plante made her acting debut at the age of and in 1923 was named as one of the y

Gilda Gray - "originator of the shimmy"

Gilda Gray, Polish American actress and dancer who became famous in the U. for popularizing a dance called the "shimmy" which became fashionable in films and theater productions.

1920s Gentlemen hair style guide

Get some vintage inspiration for your barnet with this Gentlemen's Hairstyle Guide from Parlor Tattoo Prints. This stylish print is pe

1920s hair and earrings. Finger wave hair style

Bun Hairstyles How To Do

Started to learn finger waves. Many stylist have warned me."You will dread finger waves!