3. Drop Stitch Scarf! Beautiful and easy. Get for lazy days.

Indian Cross Stitch. After you slip 8 stitches wyib, dropping all YOs, stretch the stitches a little to even them & get them to similar height.

Scarf knitting pattern (free) on Ravelry -- nice combination of the wrap-and-drop stitch with a varigated yarn that switches colors every few inches. This is a deceptively simple stitch, if you haven't tried it yet -- just garter stitch, yarn overs, and dropped stitches!

Triangles scarf method

easy drop stitch scarf pattern ... **FREE**

Azzu's Shawl - @Samantha Grace can you please make this for me?? I must have it, but it would take me years to figure out how to make it. Love, love, love it!!

From "the good stitch" » Fricknits’ scarf - a happy use of a very simple repeat pattern and an inspired choice of a "pretty color" with "an ugly color"

love this stitch!!!

Same yarn, same number of stitches, different stitch patterns. Interesting.

Awesome cat scarves intarsia knitting pattern - available on Craftsy!

Reversible cable brioche stitch knit scarf

So quick and easy to knit.

The stitch is beautiful.

Free pattern on ravelry.

Third time's a charm by limbot

I HAVE TO DO THIS NEXT CHRISTMAS. Ohmygoodnessgracious! Of course... I wouldn't complain if someone wanted to knit one for me this year ;) ;)

FREE knitting pattern ~ 'Star Stitch' mittens, wrist warmers ravelry.com .... there is a site to click onto for the whole instructions with good photos.

Ravelry: Lamina pattern by Karen S. Lauger ... free pattern <3