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  • J. E.

    Avril Lavigne photoshopped

  • Ruth Peralta

    Espressogossip - Celebrities Get The Photoshop Treatment (36 Photos)

  • D B

    Leaked celebrity before and after photoshop pics never get old (13 photos)

  • Brianna Brentwood

    Celebrity Photoshopped - Before and After . . . . . Avril Lavigne . . . 1. After; 2. Before

  • Jimmy Shopina

    Pictures Blink: Before and After Photoshop 10


    20 Awesome After Before Photos - Retouched by Adobe Photoshop

  • karen louise

    Celebrities Before And After Photoshop Touch Ups :

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What is real and what is not - We sometimes complain about photoshop but paintings were done and the flaws were not added... old photos were blurred or softened. As long as it is not overboard... nothing wrong with it. There are however images that give us an unrealistic view of the human form - Images from Celebrities Before and After Photoshop - www.chilloutpoint...

BeforeandAfter. As a designer and photographer that has photoshoped many faces, I know to NEVER believe my eyes when looking through magazines. Ladies, don't torture yourselves. It's all an illusion.

Never envy others. The reality is never what you think. Before and After Photoshop

Highlighting and contouring in Photoshop: Fill a blank layer with 50% grey and place it on the soft light blend mode. Then paint with either a low opacity (10-15%) white paintbrush to highlight or a low opacity (10-15%) black paintbrush to darken.

Celebrities before and after photoshop. Who do you think that you only see magazine bodies on magazines?

20 Awesome After Before Photos - Retouched by Adobe Photoshop

before and after photoshop. So important for young women/girls to realize this stuff is ALL photoshopped.

20 Awesome After Before Photos - Retouched by Adobe Photoshop

Celebrities before and after photoshop. Nobody's real anymore. Makes you feel a lot better! Haha