"There is no such thing as bad ideas. Just poorly executed awesome ideas." - Damon Salvatore, Vampire Diaries #quotes

'when I kill someone the're supposed to stay dead' Damon Salvatore

That's pretty funny!

Damon Salvatore

Flowers that grow on dark thoughts need constant attention, and I have better things to do.

Is "Drunk on You" Luke Bryan's BEST Song Ever? Comment on which one could be better.

Haha funny

10 Things I Hate About You. Love this movie!

"Giving up" isn't always the bad thing it's made out to be. Sometimes when you stop putting your energy into something, you free yourself to focus more deeply on something else.

Damon Daylight Ring - The Vampire Diaries. I want this so bad!!!

damon salvatore - Vampire Diaries

Ian Somerhalder- Damon Salvatore

so true

one of my favorites!

My favorite quote from the vampire diaries

More inspirational quotes - https://www.facebook.com/inspiredybyquotes

this. is awesome.

Ian Somerhalder

damon damon damon damon

Wuthering Heights. One of my favorites.