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Sometimes, you just need to put that baby on the floor and get yourself a Slurpee.

I pray my kids will be this clever.

I like Albert. Alberts a good kid. Dream big Albert. Is no one worried about David??

Sigh. Every time I call tech support, I have to get past the "tech" who thinks I'm an idiot. Or worse still, is trying to talk to a customer assistant who who needs me to dumb it down for THEM. N

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What are toddlers, like seriously. Have you heard the brilliant/terrifying things that come out of their mouths on occasion?

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Some people just weren't made for sports...this shot is priceless!

Ahh I remember when I was still excited for the first day of school, now I just constantly look like the 'second' day of school

When it's time for me to get a hip replacement - I'm going to Spain for two years.

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