The Eiffel Tower is a very famous monument of Paris. It’s a great tourist place and many tourist visit it. As you can see, I put the colors of the French flag on the picture... Symbol of Paris! La Tour Eiffel est un monument très célèbre à Paris. Po tour for escort hongkong tour traveling India travel tour tour in eiffel tower villa tuscany tour travel

Heute ist #internationaler_Denkmaltag: Auch bekannte Objekte können neu entdeckt werden! Danke

Ive been in this exact location underneath the Eifel Tower this photo made me reminisce. Ahhh to be back again!

I'm Cheyenne, 28 and I'm from The Netherlands, or Holland, whatever you call it, but it's the same. I am a Libra, and yes, I really can't make decisions very easily. I like to watch tv (too many tv shows), listen to music, surfing the web. I'd like to...

I chose this because when I am older and my kids have left the house I would like to travel as much as possible and to as many places as possible and I would really like to go to paris

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