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They say that all men are created equal. This might have held true up until February 25, 1981. When Lambda Phi Epsilon was created, we truly took the entire nation by storm; eventually becoming the largest Asian interest fraternity in history in an unprecedented 30 years. The brothers of the Alpha Zeta chapter are proud to represent the University of Washington. #LPhiE for #LiFE. Photo by UW Student Life.

The brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon and the sisters of alpha Kappa Delta Phi and Alpha Phi invited all UW student to get swabbed at our bone marrow drive! Our volunteers streamlined registration procedures and dispelled common #bonemarrow myths. Partnering with Puget Sound Blood Center, Asian American Donor Program, and DoSomething.org, Lambdas reached their goal of registering over a hundred people to save lives of patients suffering from #leukemia and other blood born illnesses.

The Alpha Zeta Chapter of Lambda Phi Epsilon celebrated its ten-year anniversary in San Diego. With a weekend itinerary full of nonstop action, alumni were able to meet the newest members of the chapter and reminisce about their days as an active brother. Enjoying the coastal beaches and barbecue buffets, #brothers young and old celebrated the accomplishments of the fraternity and started making strategic plans for an even better future.

A Founder's Day Dinner was help to commemorate the thirteenth #anniversary of the establishment of Alpha Zeta Chapter at UW. Lambda Phi Epsilon was founded on the basis that the brothers of the fraternity were to transcend the labels of nationality and unite the community as a whole. A strong community comprising of all Pan-Asian heritages was the necessary infrastructure needed for social change in modern Asian America.

Brothers & Sisters- A great Resource on Greek Organizations. It gave me a good understanding of the origins and history of ALL Fraternities & Sororities.

You don't need to be a big brother or have a title in order to be a role model for other men in your chapter.

Lambdas enjoyed hiked up to the #summit of Mount Si. Not afraid of challenges, the brothers strayed off the beaten path and instead hiked up the more difficult trails that were less traveled. Brothers ultimately conquered the mountain by reaching the peak as a team. But is that any surprise? Rising to the top is what Lambdas do best.

Greek life

2012 GSU Spring Commencement Sigma Nu fraternity brothers and others pose for a group photo.

Brothers share a good #laugh during the holiday season.

greek life

greek life

Greek Life is ...

Greek Life

Lambdas program a #gingerbread house and Christmas sweater social with Sigma Psi Zeta. It's a shame really, gingerbread house building to Christmas is like pumpkin carving to Halloween; a lost art. It seems like everyone is too busy to practice art themselves and instead of engaging in this fun activity, they pay others for their holiday decor. At the Lambda house, we always take time out to appreciate good art, especially if it's fun for the whole family.