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The @CommunityBrave jar at @GrilldBurgers is part of the 'Local Matters' program - support this community initiative!

So grab a bite to eat from @GrilldBurgers and take a photo with the @CommunityBrave jar and send it in to us! Bon Apetite!

Join our team and come along to orientation day! #CommunityBrave #combrv #BraveStaff

The Community Brave Foundation #BraveArmy raised 1,624 signatures at #fairday2013 - a fantastic effort! We now need your help in getting us to 10,000 in 2 months. Go to our #Facebook page and print off the petition (as many copies as you like!) then get as many people as you can to sign the petition and send them into us. We wanna be at 2,500 by the end if week 2! NSW Parliament requires 10,000 signatures for #AlexGreenwich to table bullying reform before parliament. Help us achieve this…

Sydney Star Observer Article

#communitybrave is growing! Join our newsletter list, recruiting starts Friday! #combrv #bravestaff

Adam Williams with Community Brave founder Rami Mandow and PR manager Steven Murphy

Join the #communitybrave #BraveArmy ! Come along to #FairDay2013 as part of the #MardiGras2013 season. Help us collect signatures to achieve our #antibullying goals! #combrv

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