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Yes--but mainly i just wanted to keep the bottom picture.

Ambercrombie and Fitch CEO looks like an albino Orc.

Super Funny!! ♥http://@Louise Cote Cote Dalton http://@Michelle Flynn Flynn Farley This is why we ended up with 4 kids each - we didnt fend off the stork well enough! LOL

How to make a cute dress out of shorts… hahahahahahaha oh, men xD

Oh dear lord...this picture made me spit my drink out.


Never go into the water here to find out more

BAHAHAHAH!!! Wrong...but funny!!! I (not so secretly) love people who bring humor to the world!!

Uhhhh there's a few things wrong with this... Example: the person that's supposedly God is texting God. Epic Fail. I want to smack whoever made it.

Oh. My. Gosh!!! This has me in stitches over here.