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Unassisted Birth Story. "My favourite photo, the one that just sums up the labour for me, shows my daughter looking on in concern while my husband Richard supports me through a contraction."

This mama literally text her husband to come home as she was in labor, then gave birth, and 5 minutes later text him with a picture of their new son!!! From this awesome birth story {}

One of the most beautifully supported births I've seen on video:

Daddy tearing up as he holds his newborn baby. More pictures here:

A Home Depot employee recently asked a Birth Without Fear blog author to cover when nursing outside the exit of the store. NOT OK.

"I have zero memory of his body coming out; there was just this immense relief as my body stopped its restless heaving. I could hear splashing and I was already sobbing and frantic to turn around and see him. OH! My baby! He was already crying and snuffling by the time it took for me to move my legs around the cord and lean against the side of the pool. I couldn’t believe this grayish froggy body in my arms was my son, that I birthed him and it was over! We did it!"…