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  • Mahealani

    Oh Mal, you're my favorite brown coat!

  • Debbie Walls

    #lol #funny #humor

  • Nicole Kendra-Townsend

    You could say this to some people and they still wouldn't get it :)

  • Kayla Moffatt

    Oh Captain, my captain // the correct way to tell someone they are stupid

  • huntress z

    the correct way to tell someone they are stupid (side note: Firefly is awesome and you should watch it if you haven't. Seriously.)

  • Stef

    Oh, Captain Mal! Firefly quote.

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I do love me some Captain Jack, but Malcolm Reynolds takes the cake every time.

This may be the greatest picture ever. What a crazy random happenstance!

Nathan Fillion, Ultimate Nerd Icon!!!!! he'll take your master sword, he'll take your princess XD

Personally one of my favorite scenes. I love how perfectly it shows the personalities of the two during the war and how little they've changed in little things like fighting their enemies. Zoe is cool and calm, ready for a sneak attack while Mal is all for charging out guns blazing =]

I don't really get what she's trying to say here. It's pretty bad when people try to be deep and meaningful and say something that doesn't make sense.

This is how Nathan Fillion replied to: If Fox were to apologize for cancelling the show, how would he get them to do it?

"You're going to burn in a very special level of Hell. A level they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater." ♥ Shepherd Book. #Firefly

Firefly ♥ Every time I wear this hat, this runs through my head, as does the hero of canton

...Im on a pinning binge at 1 in the morning....this is the extent of my social life.... god I need

ok lets all stop and make this our desk top until they all agree to put firefly back in the air