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I love peonies!!!  I've never had any luck growing them though :(

the cinderella project: because every girl deserves a happily ever after: Dreamy Flowers + DIY

possible kitchen colors - we already have the yellowy orange (which I'm not crazy about but can't change).  I really like the blue and green with it!

Love the color combination, the pottery design, and without a doubt, the flower arrangement. - Futura Home Decorating

Birthday Flowers

Birthday Flowers

The Top 10 Rules for Spring Gardening

Top 10 Rules for Spring Gardening

I'm going to have a garden this year! The Top 10 Rules for Spring Gardening

I put some in a few months ago and I think it's almost ready. It's not supposed to be, but when you've had summer all winter, I guess you gotta roll with it.

How to grow garlic - plant after frost before ground freezes - elephant garlic actually a leek and better suited for warmer climates. Would love to have really fresh garlic!