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    • Alex Lashley

      Trevi fountain. rome, italy. Toss a coin into the fountain in the belief you'll revisit Roma again. This is on my bucket list for sure.

    • Ashley Rae

      Fontana Di Trevi, Rome, Italy- one of my absolute favorite places in the world

    • Briney Jean

      "Fontana Di Trevi, Rome, Italy" Oh my god, okay, so, to start at the VERY beginning, I was obsessed with Sabrina the Teenage Witch on TGIF on Friday nights on ABC, and the show spawned a totally-not-awful-I-SWEAR book series that I absolutely LOVED, okay? & one of the books in the series was called "Sabrina Goes to Rome" & in the book to prepare for her trip she watches this old movie called "Three Coins in the Fountain", about this fountain you are supposed to wish at, although what you're supposed to wish is to come back to Rome, or something like that. Anyway, being the weirdo child I was, I decided I was totally obsessed with going to Rome & like wrote a poem about it for 7th grade geography class & naturally I asked for this movie for Christmas, & my mother being wonderful the way she is, she totally got in for me off Amazon on VHS. & IT WAS AN AMAZING MOVIE, about three young American women who work in Rome & totally find love & have conflict only to resolve it & get their loves back by the end and stay in Rome together forever, like they wished at the Trevi Fountain. AND Frank Sinatra sings the opening song (which is conveniently titled 3 Coins in the Fountain) & he might have even won an Oscar for it, I don't know why I think that but ANYWAY I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT ALL OF THIS UNTIL JUST NOW, so thank you @Nina Garcia a thousand BILLION times for such a rad trip down memory lane, I am totally putting Rome & the Trevi on the vacation list now, oh man, & also TOTALLY gonna find that movie on Amazon right now ( Goes to Rome, and maybe the entire TV series on DVD :D)...

    • Stacey Taylor

      #Trevifountain #Rome #Italy #Europe #2010

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