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Islam is one of the biggest religions and the fastest growing religions in the world. This infogrpahic takes a look at basic facts about Islam and Muslims


Imagine a world without Muslims…

Imagine a world without Muslims… This gives a bit of perspective.

We thought this was interesting ... A breakdown of months on the Islamic calendar, and the meaning behind their names.

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Islam for me is savior...i really surprised, when i do tahajjud prayer, in last sujud, i ask to Allah for make me easy to meet my lecture later cz my lecture is difficult to met n she so busy, but i must met her for my final essay...n also i think lecturer office is a nightmare...after that...the result is very different with my assumption...i met my lecture easily n she guide me so well...frm tht i believe tht Allah is soo close to me...n i think Allah is more patient than me...