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Mouse Paint Lesson. great for K. Have them paint paper with mixed colors then cut out and add "mouse" stuff

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cute idea... have mice standing in puddles of 2 colors!!!! Mouse paint

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Plakboek: Little Page Turners: Mouse Shapes

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Mouse Paint: Art with Mr. Giannetto #color #colortheory #primarycolors #painting #mixing

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color mixing mat based on the book Mouse Paint

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Artsonia Art Museum :: Artwork by joseph3119

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mixed media lesson with oil pastels and collage to create corn ears "corn"dinsky

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pair with writing prompt.... "When it rains, I like to...."

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1st Fall-Cutting/gluing review-shapes, primary colors Artsonia Art Museum :: Artwork by Autumn1623

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Alle kids maken een vis

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Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh. Mouse tear art and painting project.

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From exhibit "Stormy Weather" by Gabi49

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Use these little mice with Hickory Dickory Dock

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Art Room 104: Mouse Color Wheels - LOVE this project for Kindergarten.

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K lesson for color and cutting (line)

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Reminds me of the project I do with 2nd, only BETTER!

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Hyacinths | Dali's Moustache -Kindergarten... i smell a Mother's day project!

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windy day - could have students write about what happened when the wind blew the hat off