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Haha I love ecards and the truth they speak! Seriously, if you are always encompassed in drama then guess who is creating it?!?!



Politeness has become so rate that some people mistake it for flirtation. So true and so sad...

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Mark Law on

George Carlin. TRUTH


How much I like you.

If I like you more than pizza... you're probably a pretty big deal!


The only honest people in the world...

The only honest people in the world are small children and drunk people. ain't that the truth...

Free, News Ecard: Shouldn't you have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check since I have to pass one to earn it for you?

Electronic Hoarding - LOL! Probably true, but it's not a fire hazard, there are no bugs or rodents, all the toilets and sinks are functional and clean, the food in my frig is all within date, and Pinterest has no undesirable smells. How bad can it be? I'm not ashamed to be an electronic content hoarder.