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    All Great Truths begin as Blasphemies ... George Bernard Shaw.

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    The Earth moves around the Sun. Women have human rights. It’s not okay to own people.

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    Inspirational Quotes 113 o : )

  • Roshan Irugalbandara

    A prime example of a truth that began as a blasphemy - Galileo Galilee was arrested and tried for blasphemy when he published the facts & proof that the Earth revolved round the sun - which was contrary to the prevailing belief system at that time


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kurt vonnegut- wrote Harrison Bergeron, a story that i will never get out of my head

I made a life changing decision the other day; no more waiting for something to happen, no more counting on luck to drop something in my lap. I'm going to make my own luck from now on. I'm going to make my dreams HAPPEN! ♥

Thanks! I just tried this! Didn't make me popular with a family member. Oh well....

Forgiveness. If you are angry, sin not. A lot of the times, we are chastised for anger, or for being uncharitable to others. Fair enough; that chastisement is deserved. But do we think enough about how holding onto anger and lack of charity hurts US by weighing down our souls? Think of forgiveness in terms of taking care of YOURSELF, too.

Pema Chodron’s Advice for Embracing Change, Today & Every Day.

or for being raised by the stupid, ignorant, greedy, selfish...

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The voice of the masses does not dictate what is true and right. Truth dictates truth, and there is only one source of morality. Find Truth, pursue righteousness, and hold on tight. Be the one to stand for what is good and honest and pure. You just might change the world.

It's much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers which might be wrong - Feynman

The only ones that lose are the ones that race the favorite line. sadly enough, there are a few things I need to work on in this manifesto

This helps remind me to focus on what I am grateful for; not the flurry of things wrong in this world. :)