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5 senses Taste. Use egg cartons as teeth. Can also be used for dental hygiene lesson.

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5 Senses - Touch Activity

5 Senses - Touch Activity! - No Time For Flash Cards

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5 senses Activity Preschool Learning About Senses Science

5 senses activity discovery table set up sight smell taste touch hear

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Smelling Sensory Bottles Free Printable Labels

Science is all about using your senses to conclude those questions we all have! Stimulate your childs sense of smell with this cool smelling activity! Try it blind folded and really get your brain working!

Set up a simple fine motor activity to work on letter recognition. This letter matching activity can be set up various ways depending on your child's skill level: alphabetical order, uppercase/ lowercase letter recognition, sequencing, etc!

3 Ways to Explore the Sense of Hearing - 3 simple activities to isolate the sense of hearing and help children learn more about their bodies.