Silly Sand


Loved this candy!

Jello 1-2-3...

Coty's Sweet Earth solid perfumes sold in Dept. Stores. Jasmine, honeysuckle, patchouli, hyacinth, sandalwood... Loved these!!

I remember these...

Noxema. Burned so good! Ha!

Don't get me started on how much I loved this stuff.

TOYS AND GAMES OF THE 1960′s | ZippyBites

Tickle Antiperspirant. Maybe this doesn't fall under childhood memories, but I for sure remember it.

Vintage Candyland Game

Vicks 44

squishy goodness

- Cootie Game - my favorite part to collect ( and keep from losing) were the antennas and the swirly mouth..seriously...have you ever came across a bug that looked anything like a Cootie!!!...and... in grade school did ya ever get the " "cooties" for holding hands with a boy - Eugh, You've Got Cooties -

S & H Green Stamps

This was probably super toxic! And we played with it all the time!

WHAM-O Whamo MAGIC WINDOW Blue Sand Toy Vintage 1970's -- Sometimes I'd visit someone's house with my parents, and they would have one of these. Loved playing with this.

silly putty

"It's what astronauts drink".

Silly Putty and copying comics