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    Silly Sand

    pHisoHex (Hexachlorophene) We used to use it as an antibacterial soap/face wash. Banned in 1969 for toxicity. I still remember the smell.

    1970's Tame Creme Rinse

    - Cootie Game - my favorite part to collect ( and keep from losing) were the antennas and the swirly mouth..seriously...have you ever came across a bug that looked anything like a Cootie!!!...and... in grade school did ya ever get the " "cooties" for holding hands with a boy - Eugh, You've Got Cooties -

    Silly Sand

    My favorite

    loved these!

    I still remember the smell of this stuff

    Dippity-do 1969

    this rainbow one was always my favorite

    Super Elastic Bubble Plastic - highly toxic fun!

    I always loved the smell of this

    One of my favorite toys.

    One of my favorites

    I LOVED this as a kid.

    I LOVED this toy!!!

    Cheez Whiz ~ childhood favorite!

    These were my favorite!

    One of my favorite childhood toys

    loved it