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    Silly Sand

    • Joan Hart

      This was one of my favorite toys! [still love to pile the sand this way (with the water action draining through) at the beach. jh]

    • laura Fiore

      Does anyone else remember this stuff? I LOVED playing with it!!! :-) You could sculpt things with it in water but if it was out of the water it was dry again...oooo magic!!!

    • Jan Talbot

      Does anyone remember Silly Sand? You mixed the sand in small plastic bottles with water and then squeezed/dripped it into whatever shape you wanted to make. A mountain, tree, castle etc. Then after it dried into the shape you squeezed it into, you could knock it down and start all over. Very fun!!!

    • Carla Kane

      Silly Sand - can buy this unopened for $199.66 on ebay. Loved this stuff as a kid.

    • Lauren Anno

      I remember getting Silly Sand for Christmas one year when I was 5 or 6.

    • Wayne Goss

      Silly Sand - I so forgot about this!!! This was fun stuff!

    • Patti Worstell Culver

      Silly Sand. I loved playing this at my Aunts house.

    • Rebekah  Wrye Owens

      Silly Sand I loved this stuff

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