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      nature scavenger hunt printable | Nature scavenger hunt list printable.

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      children's camping scavenger hunt - Google Search

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      nature hike scavenger hunt - Google Search

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      Neighborhood scavenger hunt printable

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      Free nature scavenger hunt. Something a little harder for the older kids for our family hikes.

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    Flip the Bird tag is an active game which is a combination of tag and keep away. In it, a players work together to keep their friends from being tagged.

    Star Wars Day is almost here. “May the fourth be with you.” The idea of this game is for each player to “use the force” to keep a balloon on a pool noodle light saber.

    Sleeping Guard is a fun game for a den. The object of the game is for the Scouts to be quiet enough to sneak up on a blindfolded guard and steal an object. Perfect for a bunch of noisy Cub Scouts!

    The Forces of Flight game would make a fun addition to a pack meeting for the Soaring the Skies Cub Scout theme. Use this game when the Cub Scouts have been sitting for too long and need to get up and move around.

    Scuba BSA introduces qualified Boy Scout, Venturing, and registered adult participants to the special skills, equipment, and safety precautions associated with scuba diving; encourages aquatics activities that promote fitness and recreation; and provides a foundation for those who later will participate in more advanced underwater activity.

    Reader Bruce asked "Does anyone know where I can buy a pin for scouts who completed a 50 mile canoe trip? I would ideally like a paddle shaped pin with 50 Mile on the paddle." Bruce, I have not seen that type of emblem, but have you looked at the 50 Miler award?

    How to enjoy hiking with children

    Hiking Activities: Sometimes when we are out hiking with Scouts it seems like they are so focused on getting from here to there that they forget to look around and see the sights.  If you are out with a goal oriented group and you want them to take some time to explore, consider adding one or more additional hiking activities. You’ll find some suggestions below

    geocaching for scouts

    Ten games to play on the trail while hiking with kids....Appalachian Mountain Club

    Go on a Scavenger hunt. Hike -N-Find game (find the items on the list 'biggest leaf...something red...flower...ect', matchs get crossed off most unique wins)

    list of games to play when hiking with children

    Hiking Camping Games Activities for Kids - some great ideas

    Camping Activities for Kids - Camping and Hiking Activities and Games.....magnifying glass game during down time

    printable woodland scavenger hunt cards. great for a hike!

    Games with Kids on a Hike

    activities for Camping and hiking with Kids

    list of games to play when hiking with children

    Light the Candle Game for Cub Scouts: This is a simple game which works in well with a holiday themed meeting. It only requires a few materials and not much preparation, which makes it ideal in my mind. And it works indoors. It will give your Cub Scouts a chance to run off some energy after they’ve been sitting at a meeting. And no, this does not involve Cub Scouts playing games with real candles!

    Glow in the dark ring toss. Great idea for upcoming camping trip or night hikes

    Frisbee Golf

    This month I am featuring the Cultural Awareness Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts. The meeting plan for week two suggests playing Sleeping Pirate as a opening activity while the Scouts are gathering. This works well for this purpose since it doesn’t require much equipment and additional Scouts can join in as they arrive.

    Follow the Dribbler is a really simple soccer drill which can be used with a soccer or sports themed meeting. It provides a fun way for your Cub Scouts to run off some energy during a den meeting and to practice their soccer skills. You don’t have to confine your boundaries to a field. One of the funniest executions of this drill I ever saw went through the school playground. Just tell your Scouts which areas are off limits at the beginning.

    Soccer Tennis: This month I am featuring a soccer theme. If you are having a soccer themed meeting or a sports themed meeting, you can let the scouts do a simple soccer drill during the gathering time. When my den meetings were immediately after school, I often did a physical activity during the gathering time. The Scouts needed to run around and burn off a little energy before they were ready to concentrate on the den activities.

    If you are having a soccer or sports themed meeting, a soccer drill can be a fun way to burn of some energy. Soccer marbles is a three person soccer drill. It is simple enough for young Scouts.