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How to enjoy hiking with children

Hiking Activities: Sometimes when we are out hiking with Scouts it seems like they are so focused on getting from here to there that they forget to look around and see the sights.  If you are out with a goal oriented group and you want them to take some time to explore, consider adding one or more additional hiking activities. You’ll find some suggestions below

geocaching for scouts

Ten games to play on the trail while hiking with kids....Appalachian Mountain Club

Go on a Scavenger hunt. Hike -N-Find game (find the items on the list 'biggest leaf...something red...flower...ect', matchs get crossed off most unique wins)

list of games to play when hiking with children

Hiking Camping Games Activities for Kids - some great ideas

Camping Activities for Kids - Camping and Hiking Activities and Games.....magnifying glass game during down time

printable woodland scavenger hunt cards. great for a hike!

activities for Camping and hiking with Kids

list of games to play when hiking with children