Ten games to play on the trail while hiking with kids....Appalachian Mountain Club

The Tent Commandments (also needs: Thou Shalt Not Have Food or Drinks In The Tents - ask me how I know LOL)

Handbook of Nature Study and five other bloggers team up for camping tips for this year's Great American Backyard Campout.

Tent organization for camping with kids. Tons of tips!

Tent Camping - tips, trick and ideas for the tent camper.

10 Campfire Games You Have to Play

Hiking and Camping Activities for Kids with printable PDFs for scavenger hunts... all things camping!

painting rocks, things for the kids to do This idea is so neat and have them put their name on that back with the date!

8 Fun Campfire Games Everyone Should Play

OK, so now I know how to keep that RV/Camper power cord/any cords off the wet ground. Just get a kids sand bucket, and cut some holes. Brilliant!

"Camping with Gus" website has lots of fun camping ideas for kids

10 Fun Camping Games for Kids - no "stuff" required!

How to prevent blisters while hiking or back-packing- This really is the best tip ever, been doing this for years.

Dutch Oven University - The only site you will need to have fantastic food while you camp.

Bucket Seats for Camping. Kids can carry their own to the campsite and fill it with their choice of toys and games.

Growing Play: 5 Games to Play Around a Campfire. Gonna use this at our next campout.

10 Must-Do Camping Tips

Campfire bacon. We used to do something like this with deer cut into strips, kind of like square deer dogs roasted over the fire.

10 Camping Games for Outdoor Fun!

10 Tips for Fishing with Kids- Ways to make your fishing trip a fun success- even with younger kids!

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